Perfect Twilight Halloween Costume Ideas for Vampires

If you dare to be different this year but still cannot find the perfect Halloween Costume, why not try something from the dark side. It seems that each year sees the launch of a wildly popular movie, and, whenever that happens, you can bet there will be a spoof waiting in the wings somewhere. As you might suspect, 2010 will not be an exception. Vampires Suck is the spoof that makes fun of Twilight, which for our purposes, is a great idea for Halloween costumes. So rather than being too serious in a Twilight costume, you can be creative with the ridiculous and have more own brand 3d mink eyelashes .

own brand 3d mink eyelashes
own brand 3d mink eyelashes

Crllo The Twilight series presents many opportunities to work with vampire characters, in particular, the Cullen family of vampires. If you remember vampire lifestyles – very pale, blood sucking and drinking the blood of virgins, sleeping in coffins and avoiding own brand 3d mink eyelashes .

You can use this for inspiration and complete your make up with deathly white powder, blood red lips and dark rings around your eyes. For a more dramatic look, you can even use colored contact lenses to make your eyes red. Team this up with a jet black wig and you will be the envy of your friends on the day.

For Jacob’s character, you can play on the wolf features. Have your face made up with a hint of werewolf. Use dark hairs and makeup glue to create prickly sideburns and some facial hair. Add some more for effect to the eyebrows and chin. If you want to, use a prosthetic nose or makeup to create a canine shaped nose based on Jacob’s features. Add a wolverine wig to look more like Jacob Black, and have fun with your creation.

For girls, the make up is even easier. You know how Vampires have a reddish dark circles around their eyes, as though they have been awake for the last thousand years, well you can use this to your advantage and apply red makeup around your eyes and all extra long false own brand 3d mink eyelashes . For your hair, go with spiky brunette wig, or a wild blond wig for dramatic effect. For the right look, think Elvira or even Cyndi Lauper when she was her wildest.

As for Bella, give her lots of makeup, and think of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, rather than a conflicted teenage girl. Dressed in either a farm girl outfit like Daisy Duke, you can easily find a cowboy hat, plaid shirt and short shorts. For the Buffy look, you can dress her in a black leather biker’s outfit with spiked heels.

own brand 3d mink eyelashes
own brand 3d mink eyelashes

It’s always a good laugh if you can make fun of popular own brand 3d mink eyelashes characters. So, look no further for your Halloween costume ideas     and embrace the dark side. Be outrageous and let the fun begin!


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