7 Steps to Perfect Make-Up Techniques

For a day at work you may want nothing more than a light base, such as a tinted moisturizer, and a slick of mascara. For a special night out, though, you may want to emphasize your eyes more than usual with eyeliner and several shades of eye shadow, or play up your lips. Whatever your 3d mink lashes drop shipping , whether you wear a lot or little make-up, always start with a clean and freshly moisturized face.

Step 1 – Foundation

First of all, use a skin adjuster to camouflage any blemishes, broken veins or dark circles under the eyes. Most skin adjusters come in two shades; green to counteract red blemishes; yellow to counteract dark shadows and pink blemishes. Apply foundation or tinted moisturizer, using either a cosmetic sponge or your fingertips and working on one part of the face at a time. Avoid your eyelids and lips, and do not dot the foundation over your nose, forehead, cheeks and chin – it will dry as it contacts the air and result in uneven coverage. Finally, apply concealer to hide any visible 3d mink lashes drop shipping .

Step 2 – Powder

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3d mink lashes drop shipping

Crllo  To set your make-up, apply loose powder to the bony areas of your face with a cotton wool pad to press the powder in. Use downward strokes with your powder brush to remove excess powder.

Step 3 – Eyeliner

Using an appropriate shade of eye pencil, line the outer third of the lower lid, and the outer two thirds of the upper 3d mink lashes drop shipping .

Step 4 – Eye Shadow

Apply an eye base evenly all over the eyelids to fix your eye shadow and prevent it from creasing. Following the guidelines for your particular eye shape, use a blender brush to apply highlighter or a light or neutral shade of eye shadow from the lashes to the eyebrow. Then add a dark, neutral or accent eye shadow along the lower third of the eyelid and blend. You can use up to four shades of eye shadow if desired.

Step 5 – Brows and lashes

Brush your eyebrows against the direction of growth, then brush them back into shape. If necessary, use an eyebrow pencil to lengthen and correct the shape and color. Curled lashes open up the eye, start close to the roots and work towards the tips maintaining even pressure. Apply one to two coats of mascara to your top and bottom lashes, concentrating on the lips. Separate the lashes using an eyelash comb before the mascara dries.

Step 6 – Blusher

Apply blusher along the cheekbones, following the guidelines relating to your face shape and building up the color gradually to the desired depth. Powder blush should be applied with a brush, while cream blush, which is more forgiving on older skin, can be applied with a brush or 3d mink lashes drop shipping  .

Step 7 – Lips

Apply lip base to make your lipstick last longer. Follow the guidelines for your particular lip shape. Outline your lips with a pencil and fill in for more depth of color. Apply lipstick, blot, and then reapply and finish with lip gloss if desired.

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3d mink lashes drop shipping

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