Some of the Biggest Beauty Blunders Brides Make

Some girls have a facial a few days before their wedding, only to have their 100% handmade eyelashes react with blemishes and flaking. It’s better to have series of treatments in the months leading up to the day. Or, if you’re having a one-off treatment, schedule it for at least a week prior to the wedding so your skin will have time to settle.

100% handmade eyelashes
100% handmade eyelashes

Crllo Brides often show a photo of themselves and ask pros to recreate the look. But just because you’ve worn a style before, doesn’t mean it’s the best for your day. The pro’s advice is to experiment with at least a couple of hairstyles and 100% handmade eyelashes looks before making your final decision.

As many brides fall prey to stress, it’s best to trust your makeup artist to guide you on the day – that’s what you’re paying them for. And don’t fiddle with your hair once it’s done or it’ll drop out more quickly due to the oil on your hands.

Every woman has things she loves about her face and things that she doesn’t. A common mistake brides and their bridesmaids make is to try to choose one makeup look that fits everyone. Although this sometimes works, it often doesn’t. Instead, consider each girl’s best features individually and if you want to create a makeup theme for the whole bridal party, aim to keep it subtle.

A mistake that brides often make is not considering how long their 100% handmade eyelashes has to last and what conditions their hair will have to stand up to during the course of the day. Often a bride will get made up hours before the wedding, and then run around sorting things out, even popping out to check the venue before coming back to get dressed – expecting her makeup to still look fresh.

Brides also tend to forget to factor in things like humidity or wind when requesting the hairstyle they want. For example, a bride with long hair might look better with an updo than loose flowing locks if there’s a chance she’ll be battling the elements, while a bride marrying in a humid climate will need alcohol-free products and frizz easing serums to keep her hair in place.

100% handmade eyelashes
100% handmade eyelashes

During the excitement of the day, brides quite often overlook 100% handmade eyelashes. But it’s not a good look when the sun sets and you’re glowing like a beacon after spending the afternoon under harsh rays. Use sunscreen on your face and body, allowing time for it to sink into your skin before you get dressed.

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